!2newSongs!- [wegotTapes] and [Hard Snuggle]

so i was up all night and most of the morning working on this one track called [Hard Snuggle].
the last two tracks that i wrote were chugging house numbers, so i thought it was time to work
on something more straightforward. most of all the samples came from tapes of my own songs
done earlier this year and some exclusively written for resampling for this tune. i even cut and
spliced in some pieces of tape from the dj sets from THE WHIG's Space Invader Tournament.(with lord byron on the play-by-play).

that's about all i can really explain, the rest of the work was a lot of listening, drinking, and smoking.

Happy Sunday.
maybe i'll get some sleep soon.

Enjoy These.
we gotTapes
Hard Snuggle

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