NOVGOROD explanation 9.25.09 6:27p.m.

Translated from Russian, 
its name means roughly "The Great New City" or "The Big New City".

the city is called Veliky Novgorod, between Moscow and St. Petersburgh. 
i have been in contact with a fellow there from whom i obtain Soviet synths and drum machines. 

if they are analog components 
they were made there in a military facility in or around 1983.
since Russia was not able to trade with  the United States or Japan, they were forced to engineer their own synthesizers that are thought to be contemporaries of the early Roland machines. they have not engineered anything close to the Roland tb-303  but have instead topped the famed Roland sh-101.  although similar in many ways the Soviet synths have their own character much more unique than what we are used to hearing in most electronic music.

this is a photo of my LELL UDS, i don't know what i'd do without it.
it's an analog drum machine, with no quarter inch inserts, it's all 5-pin DIN cable connections.

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