2 New Tracks 11.27.09

finished these last night.
i discovered that what recording method works for one song
may not work for the other... everything is different.
every song/situation/day is different from the last....
no matter what, methods you're used to will be uprooted
and you'll be forced to figure things out yourself to make things work
or fail...

i'm starting to figure out how my stereo/monitors/pa/laptop/car stereo
sound relative to each other...  every recording i make from here on out
should have no option but to increase in quality.

i'm pleased with these tracks and the quality
they are a bit long... but worth the listening time.

1.Come So Far
2.Anyone But You

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Come So Far
Come so far  by  ADAMSHLON

Anyone But You
Anyone but you  by  ADAMSHLON

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