New Track Download 11.24.09

this is a piece of fluorite that this one fellow broke and then lied to me about....this dude also taught me how to do basic things on the mpc like saving and loading sounds.. but that's all the help i've had since then..... there are other opinions applying to aesthetic 
that i try to listen to .... but i gotta do every thing the hard way i guess... i'll just keep doing it the hard way until it becomes easy...
like breathing or something....

i've been doing alot lately to improve the sound quality of my tracks
as much as i can at the moment anyway.... alot of the noise came from
sending the signal so far... now there are a few less feet of cables on the recording
equipment and i send the signal straight to the computer....
also trying to boost the signal as loud as i can with out the dist. effect/clipping 

if i can remember to... i also put it on cassette tape for the hell of it.
there are dimensions that digital just cant pick up on.

I quit smoking cigarettes about 3weeks ago...
and still have dreams in which i still heavily smoke.
..going to be a bit reclusive for awhile 
until i can really break this addiction

but i've got this one track here... 
well maybe two... but i'll find the right time to drop the second one.
not now....

show coming up sometime too...
prolly with cosmoD, M80 and Trouble Klef
Prolly at NBT.... i have no date or time..
just in the works i guess.

here's the download and all that mess.


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