4 New Track Downloads 12.6.09

three new track downloads heavy on the delays, juno60 and other fun stuff.
Trying To Understand -Download
Trying To Understand(Still) -Download
The Last Time (Sleeper Dub) -Download

studio revamp update.

right now i'm in the middle of revamping the studio for personal projects
as well as group projects. i want the sound of this stuff to be as close to
professional quality audio as possible... so this is some B-tweener stuff/
there are so many factors in building the proper production setup/environment
or what i believe that to be at the time.

Streaming Tracks Below.
The Last Time (Sleeper Dub)  by  ADAMSHLON

Trying to understand  by  ADAMSHLON

Trying to understand (still mix)  by  ADAMSHLON

and now one extra
Test....  by  ADAMSHLON

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