New Track Download 10.30.09

last night my friend Mario came over
he's a producer.
Mario brought over one of his newer tracks last night...
i heard some things...
i couldn't help myself...
i sampled them right away....

Here's the result.>>>Remember The Future?<<<

as a result of hearing this type of electronic music again
i tried to get back to my roots of production 
and why i even wanted to produce in the first place.
but since then all the different things i've done
have had their effect on me.... nothing is what it used to be.
i'm feeling frustrated lately, and looking for inspiration....

i think you'll like it.


New Track Download 10.29.09

this one's got a real industrial feel to it.



New Track Download 10.21.09

Filthy new track featuring the rhythm ace.


Mention on Kinosport.tv [the Blog]

all samples on this track were taken from cassette tape.
said tape is a recording of a keyboard jam/exploration from last night.

But this is the real news right here.>>>
kinosport.tv is a super legit/design savvy blog 
and there's a very nice write-up about my music there 

check it out here



my buddy just asked me to dj this party.
location at Atlas Road, Boozer Lumber.
party time before they tear it down.

wed. oct.14th  let's say elevenish

keg beer
warehouse atmosphere
bring your friends.

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GNARLY simply

some chick ran me off the road.
RED NISSAN EXTERA -soccer playing type girl wearing oakley sunglasses
this is what you did to me.


Archives Download.10.12.09 7:41a.m.

i had been listening to this one and realized it wasn't uploaded yet


New Track Download. 10.11.09 8:38p.m.

one more track before the day's out.

what do you think about this?

do you even know what or how to think?
i don't even know the answer anymore these days.

New Track Download. 10.11.09 12:38p.m.

here goes

New Track Download. 10.11.09 11:13a.m.

this is an ambient track. 
just a tiny excerpt from an upcoming track
to be posted this afternoon.
stay tuned....


NEW GEAR UPDATE 10.9.09 5:00p.m.

so here it is. 
A Soviet poly-synth with some of the most beautiful sound i've ever heard.
when it arrived today it was packaged in it's original carrying case 
enveloped in a white cotton duffel bag....  BUT IT DIDN'T EVEN WORK.
After opening the synth and swapping out a fuse IT STILL DIDN'T WORK.
Then i proceeded to disassemble the whole instrument and re-tighten the circuit boards...
now all but one key on the synth works and the warbly settings and parameters 
are for the most part intact.

after the hours of fiddling and tweaking i'm deciding to name this regal beast
Meaning resurrection. [origin. Ukrainian]

check out my