New Tubes (Cassette Tape re-Pitch)

i like this sound i'm getting....
i guess i'm either cleaning up the signal
or dirtying it up in the right ways...

New Tubes (Cassette Tape re-Pitch) by Porno Jump-Start

"getting right"

or getting so wrong that it seems right.

Getting right by Porno Jump-Start


monday morning updayte

the j-cards for the much anticipated doug
filthy are ready to go to the printer.
thanks is in order for Jimmy Howell
and the rest of the gang down at the
Space Idea Tapes HQ.

on another note...
here's a track from yesterday....
it took all day sunday...
i'mma have to do something about
the way i transfer. it's not that this
recording or the song didn't do it for
me.. so don't get me wrong.....but
for the amount of time i invest in the
composition the quality should be
more professional... but i still love this
Hunting For Sport.(4 21 fix) by Porno Jump-Start



Smutkeeper  by  Porno Jump-Start


break beats and acid!!!!
can you dig it?!?

Stimulate  by  Porno Jump-Start


"starting now" by porno jump-start

here's another that i don't know how 
to classify... high bpm analog acid tech.?


update FROM Space Idea Tapes HQ!!!

this update comes from the space idea
tapes headquarters...

among upcoming releases is a cassette
that was just sold at shows/parties a
while back....

Doug Filthy EP

rough around the edges analog
by adam shlon and chris wenner.

stay tuned for it this spring

meanwhile here's a wild ass track of mine... not really a description for it but "buck"....
i give you "Hardcore"
Hardcore  by  Porno Jump-Start


new methods (kinda)

cassettes are great tools for audio
don't let haters tell you different.

i've naturally boosted my signal level today

"sunday layouts"

from yesterday

Sunday layouts  by  Porno Jump-Start


two traks

first track is called
President Decibel

and second track is called
"Fashionably late acid cliche`" by
Porno Jump-Start

it's a rainy day.. we gotta have it
so the nice days seem nicer.

President Decibel - Acid is my punk rock  by  Porno Jump-Start
Fashionably late acid cliche`  by  Porno Jump-Start


"Current" by Porno Jump-Start

acid tech is what you'd call it.
i guess.

Current  by  Porno Jump-Start



new track "Rock Bottom" by President Decibel

President Decibel is new experiment
with old tape

(don't forget, it's the last explanation)

President Decibel-Rock bottom  by  Porno Jump-Start