MACHINE DRUM TEST DRIVE!!! (new track entitled "Choke" by porno jump-start

oh check it out...
i don't know if i like it love it or hate it but here it is.

Track name = Choke

Choke  by  Porno Jump-Start


new track "descent" by porno jump start

i finished this track while a buddy of
mine was shooting off at the mouth 'bout
music on the whole. and what is and isn't
music. and i say his opinion is based on
what he is most familiar with...
and that's the "rock and roll band"
i guess just cause certain opinions are
strong, it doesn't make them right.
and i'm not saying i was arguing any
point at all, my homie is just

all that distraction and discussion during
the final sequences and final mixdown
made completing this tune quite a task,
i almost wanted to start smoking again.

all in all i had fun recording.
am somewhat pleased with the outcome.
and learned something about human nature.
Descent  by  Porno Jump-Start


New track "RUDE (DAT TAPE ACID JAM)" by porno jump start

found this photo earlier..
it was taken the first day i had ever messed with an
mpc.  i just had a cold... and was considering quitting smoking....(at that time)

 check out autechre's new release.

they throw a webcast to celebrate it
from 6pm-6am Tues.mar.6th
keep up on the webcast info@ http://autechre.ws/

then . >
here's a serious track of mine using both the boss ds2. pedal and the
brownsville street distortion(sill on loan from chris wenner) on the 303 and it's officially filthy....
RUDE DAT TAPE ACID JAM  by  Porno Jump-Start


New track "This monday" by porno jump start

i got this message from a moderator on
soundcloud earlier saying that i ought to
think more about the submissions i'm
making to the acid group....
so i wrote this track today.. just a little
bit more acid than usual these days..

This monday  by  Porno Jump-Start

Core Dump v.3.0

New track "diskette" by porno jump start

i had fun making this one....
it seemed to take alot of time ...

jamie also came over
we shared some ideas
and then when i hit the pfl button
to sidechain the mix to the hi hats
for a moment... he says-"yeah",

so i did

Diskette  by  Porno Jump-Start


new track "we still have the weekend" by porno jump start

so i don't have a memory card for this 
digicam but i do have the cable that
hooks up to the television... so i just
grab quick compusnapshots of that...
i kinda like the way it looks too.

check out this new track.
i started it last night 
and finished this morning....
(i forgot i left machines on last night)
on top of getting too tanked to drive to 
the WUSC fundraiser..(shame on me)

on this one i used the juno's arpeggiator which is completely outta sync with the sequence... but i threw a tape delay on it to even things out... 
all this is taking much longer in the morning.... 

i need more discipline
We still have the weekend  by  Porno Jump-Start


aNother image dump

NEW TRACK "Yam" by Porno Jump-Start

it's not all that big...
but it sure looks like it.

Yam  by  Porno Jump-Start

NEW TRACK "NSQ1" by Porno Jump-Start

this used to be a chair in the studio.
now there's not really room anymore.
maybe things are much better when they
are simple...

NSQ1  by  Porno Jump-Start



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