New Track Download. 9.30.09 8:47p.m.

a different direction on this track-

going to jamie's house 
to send some tracks out to labels 
and whatnot.


New Track Download. 9.27.09 11:39p.m.

I pretty much just let this one come out of me.
with a few minor touches on post production.

Pst. prd. is making some of the work a little easier
manipulating the character of the overall sound
after is saving me time. i can monitor the sound
the way i want to hear it when i write then i can
make adjustments for it to sound right on your
audio systems.

[Do It Cause I Like It] - high quality mix

so this is the end result of my
latest hunch on my latest track

now with a little bit of delay on the overall signal as well as low-cut 
to take some of the bottom off of some channels 
not featuring that option on my mixer.

these images are of the viewing screen on the mpc2000xl.

During my dj set last night
some dude told me that the mpc is obsolete right now.

i say you should bend or break all the rules and do what you want to do.....
not what you think you have to.

also big ups to Toro y Moi
for doing whatever he wants.
and everyone from 'drinking 
in the morning'


an important blog update.

i'm working on some post production ideas right now for the track 
[Do It Cause I like It.]
and i'm thinking if it sounds good in my car it must be a hit.


I'm going to be a post production consultant/technician for THE CHOIR QUIT. they are hot to trot... and i have lots of ideas for their work,
 i'll also be helping them become more independent by dropping knowledge bombs in their hideout.

all this was decided this weekend, important business is about to go down.

the choir quit is hot shit.


New Track Download. 9.26.09 3:37a.m.

this might just be a banger.
i used one of my favorite records 
from a while back by 'A1 People'
the vocal off of it is pretty intense.
it was a good time making this one.



NOVGOROD explanation 9.25.09 6:27p.m.

Translated from Russian, 
its name means roughly "The Great New City" or "The Big New City".

the city is called Veliky Novgorod, between Moscow and St. Petersburgh. 
i have been in contact with a fellow there from whom i obtain Soviet synths and drum machines. 

if they are analog components 
they were made there in a military facility in or around 1983.
since Russia was not able to trade with  the United States or Japan, they were forced to engineer their own synthesizers that are thought to be contemporaries of the early Roland machines. they have not engineered anything close to the Roland tb-303  but have instead topped the famed Roland sh-101.  although similar in many ways the Soviet synths have their own character much more unique than what we are used to hearing in most electronic music.

this is a photo of my LELL UDS, i don't know what i'd do without it.
it's an analog drum machine, with no quarter inch inserts, it's all 5-pin DIN cable connections.


New Track Download. 9.24.09 12:26a.m.


now that i'm done with this track
i'm glad it's over with. 

i feel that since friends were dropping
in all day yesterday 
the track itself
had gotten off on the wrong foot

you might feel different about it.
here you go--->NOVGOROD

From the lab 9.24.09 10:00 p.m.

this track i'm working on right now
is a strange one.

Morning Update 9.24.09 9:13a.m.

i have consolidated all my tracks on here into one folder/one link 
since there are some tracks that haven't been getting as many downloads 
since they are so far down on the page.  i thought i'd make it easier to check them out.


Archives Download. 9.23.09 10:00 a.m.

here's two archive downloads

Control- written for a show at New Brookland Tavern 3months ago, contains samples from a record i got from Sindoolah that talks about all the benefits and dangers of nuclear power as they knew it back in the olden days. 

at the afterparty- written for the fun of it, contains a sample of the song Lady Judy by Fuck Pony.

links to the tracks--->      Control
links to the tracks--->      at the afterparty



New Track Download. 9.23.09 2:58 a.m.

just got finished with this one .
it features mostly the roland juno6.
there's also a well placed 303 line through the whole tune, in a way i don't think you'd expect.
some vocals on there too.

the sound quality seemed a little bit warm when i recorded it.
but that's probably because everything has been on for a while.

New Track Download. 9.22.09 9:01am

morning time/coffee time...
and lots of it.

now for the update.

last night i wrote this track and discovered/exploited the naturaltremolo effect that occurs when you over saturate a cassette tape.
i also took a few samples from my jambox, having the Fast Forward button depressed while dropping the jambox's reader head(playbutton) down on the tape so that the Fast Forward action was audible.
 i also ran the 303 through the flanger, distortion, as well as compressing it on it's own before sending it into the mixer then back into the another compressor with the rest of the mixdown. this took some of the nasty edge off of the over-processed 303 sound.

This is the end result.


Archives Download. 9.21.09 9:25am

i used a distortion pedal on the DX7 for this one
and i think it works out pretty well

this is a big track


New Track Download. 9.20.09 sunday 11:16 pm

i had fun making this one.
lots of filters being utilized 
and a bunch of delays.
this track is relaxed a bit.

Archives Download.

i just found these tracks the other day and realized that they aren't up on the blog yet.
three of the tracks i was just screwing around with.

but the track [with myself] i wrote to play at a opening slot i had for one of the herdnotscene 
dance parties hosted by resident dj's kev kev and alejandro 
at newbrookland tavern about a month ago.

here you go.

i'll have another update in a minute.

New Track Download.

here it is.

another simple one.

Sunday Update, from the lab.

so...    after re-watching the legowelt slices video
i decided to dust off the juno6 and rock the arpeggiator a bit

also doing some re-sampling to cassette tape,
feeding the signal back into the mpc. 
pitch shifting and filter sweeping.

my mpc's slider is in poor condition so i have
had to use a good bit of the step sequencer

the tune will probably have to be called
[jack roland]

 stay tuned... the track should be finished tonight
                                                                                                            i hope.


upcoming track

upcoming track


so here are a few tracks i've worked on since last upload..
most of them i've been heavily sampling from tape and finding some early warehouse style
sounds. all of them are very warm sounding.

except for the last track which i completed today.
it's a little harsher and rude. featuring a blatant 808state sample
also has a cheesy horn sound on it that i don't know if it makes or ruins my day.
i kept it simple for the most part.
jamie says it's more dance influenced.
i think it's cause i don't have a phone right now and haven't had one for a while.

listen loud.


Legowelt/Den Haag/Bunker Records

Slices 1

Slices 2

Unit Moebius - Lunemex Undo-Ground EP #2

These are some really great videos, I've been checking out. Slices does a great job with their videos.


chris wenner mobile dj sets in holland

this looks
like our homie.

!2newSongs!- [wegotTapes] and [Hard Snuggle]

so i was up all night and most of the morning working on this one track called [Hard Snuggle].
the last two tracks that i wrote were chugging house numbers, so i thought it was time to work
on something more straightforward. most of all the samples came from tapes of my own songs
done earlier this year and some exclusively written for resampling for this tune. i even cut and
spliced in some pieces of tape from the dj sets from THE WHIG's Space Invader Tournament.(with lord byron on the play-by-play).

that's about all i can really explain, the rest of the work was a lot of listening, drinking, and smoking.

Happy Sunday.
maybe i'll get some sleep soon.

Enjoy These.
we gotTapes
Hard Snuggle

New Project

Jamie and I are working together to combine both digital and analog components to create a raw and new jak'n sound. The project is called "Data.Ram" I'll post tracks up as soon as possible. Also new A Shlon tracks will be coming very shortly . . . Stay Tuned.


newtrackposting -backup(original)- and -backup(dark mix)

both of these tracks were written last saturday night and this sunday morning.
the wealth of the samples were taken from records from a mix i was doing saturday afternoon.
this morning i grabbed up some more samples from a "Learning German" cassette tape
and a couple more from NINA's "99luftballons" cassette tape i found at GoodWill thrift store.
even though i sampled others works, you'll not be able to recognize much of the original artist's work.

the dark mix is a stripped down version of the original, it required much less composing
but much more live and on the fly filtering..
very minimal and... well... dark.

please enjoy these two tracks at next to full volume.
if not full blast.

backup(dark mix)

thanks for checking in.



this is a new track i just made
jamie,(the guy who maintains my internet presence)wrote a stark drum loop.

it was recorded onto cassette tape and hand delivered before i sampled it.
this does not however dictate the drum track i composed
even though it makes up a large part of the feeling of the song.
it was filtered almost beyond recognition

the rest i don't have the time i'd like to explain
so give this track a listen and find out all the rest.