proper party tonight and anime tip.

earlier i had what felt as lurching heaving mess turned out a good set to projections of the movies 
1.koyaanisqatsi  and  2.baraka 

toro y moi had a full band practice during most of the film koyaanisqatsi and was quite nice in the areas that
weren't time lapse footage of clouds on white wall.. great set overall for a practice. 

now for the anime 
check this shit out right here. i don't know why i dig it but i do.
some kinda futuristic lifestyle in the sky.... like an elaborate dream.


Re-Edit Bliss

"Deodato-SOS (Porno Jump-Start's Helpless Re-Edit"
Deodato-SOS (Porno Jump-Start's Helpless Re-Edit) by Porno Jump-Start


"Five Eight"

written in a five eight time signature

Five Eight by Porno Jump-Start




i'll be back in action as soon as i figure out my signal paths and midi connects
as well as mapping an oldschool midi controller for some objects. i'm taking
time to see that i keep all cables in their respected routes to reduce noise and
am hoping for the best. this time spent on mechanics of the studio should
effect what you hear in the future compositionally as well as quality level.


"point of view"

in this track.....
routing signals in a fun way

Point of view by Porno Jump-Start


fantasy anime adventure (the opposite sex mix)

this is a complete overhaul of the other
track from this morning ... i really didn't like it.
just used some of the same exact samples
and patch adjustments as well 
(but i def. scrapped everything else.)

"fantasy anime adventure (bad taste mix)"

i hate this one.
stay tuned for a re-fix
not a re-mix... or

whatever you people call it these days

(also i just deleted this track from my
soundcloud account. be thankful)

Fantasy anime adventure (bad taste mix) by Porno Jump-Start


"Red Balloon"

i wish there were more hours in the day.

Red Balloon by Porno Jump-Start


"Fist Pump (feat. Grimey Greg)"

My homie just came back today 
and we cut anew track today.!!!.
top shelf stuff. Today!!!

sound of tomorrow

"fleeting feeling"

Fleeting feeling by Porno Jump-Start


"your little heart beat so fast"

lost the original transfer...
but here's the re-tweak anyhow.

Your little heart beat so fast by Porno Jump-Start

springtime photo dump

"Still Works"

i'm really liking this one!

Still works by Porno Jump-Start