2 New Track Downloads 12.9.09

it feels like i'm not remembering anything directly after i do it.
it's a strange sensation.

so i don't remember much at all about the first download.....

on the last track called "eats"
i used a couple of loops i took from the rig in figure 1One1
i know i sent the signal from the distortion pedal and the Q-tron
through that little television set that's in the bottom of the picture
to DAT.... then that's where i got the samples for this last tune....
through a raunchy ass cheap mini TV..

also i dusted off this Casio SK-1 for "Eats"

i guess with the track name "eats" i guess it could be referencing
the defunct columbia, SC diner, Martin's........
Or the world wide underground LSD scene........
OR.. a mad prolific Graffito
also the last minute or so of the song is the
sound of me shutting down all of my equipment.


Streaming Audio Below

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