first off.....
my cat has been str8-up eating the heads off of squirrels lately


Jameson Triple Distilled Irish Whisky
(classy holiday gift set )
(comes with glasses so you don't got to drink out the bottle)
also makes getting through the holidays much easier....

if you came here for music
and not complete bull spit.....
check out the post below...
it's got a song with samples from soul records
or something.

a new opinion of warp records..... in list form....

  1. the releases i do dig that are house, or not. sound like nostalgia music.... i have heard stuff with old hardware that's all analog(or mostly) that's pretty forward thinking, but not at warp anymore....
  2. if i need the new HIT OF THE MINUTE i can get it at warp mart. blog house is on vinyl nowadays
  3. there's this stuff classified as dubstep..... but i don't see it there. it's just pussified break beats.. with glimpses of trance music.... there's no grime to it... and not much of a dub sound.... and it's not really danceable... it's either junkie music for those who wish to dance but are too smacked out. or it's for some hippies wearing new-era caps in a bar trying to act like ballers in front of girls who like dudes that don't shave and have bad haircuts or no haircuts at all.
why am i even concerned with this stuff?

-adam shlon.
techno dj/producer

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