New Track Download 11.30.09

i just got inspired by this record i heard earlier.
it was by Andre's Michelle
i don't Know of the track name but i do know it's on drop out recordings.
everything on the label just notates who the tracks are by
and what kind of mix their tracks are....

A2 is the original @ 33rpm
but the one that i really dig is :
B1 -Erik Vee's Fresh R-Mixx @ 45 rpm

also the pic of the DAT Tape on the 12"
really made me wish i had my old DAT machine
so i'm getting a new portable DAT machine.
I still have a bunch of tapes so it'll do for a while...
it's also pretty lossless. for the form of tape...

here's a pic of one of my old DATs

here's a pic of the 12"

Anytime Bassline 


Anytime Bassline
Anytime Bassline  by  ADAMSHLON

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